Linux Essentials and ITIL4® Foundation Certifications

This year I was able to study for and earn the LPI Linux Essentials certification and ITIL4: Foundations Certification, and that should be it this year until I give CompTIA CySA+ another try. For the remainder of the year, I have been diving into JavaScript. With JavaScript, I can build the skills creating applications inContinue reading “Linux Essentials and ITIL4® Foundation Certifications”

A future with ServiceNow®

On Monday afternoon, I passed my self-proctored ServiceNow Certification for their System Administrator. Sixty questions later with about 40 minutes left to spare. I want to thank the people who help made this possible. I was in a five week training program under the TechHire/NextGen Professionals program to learn about the ServiceNow platform to beContinue reading “A future with ServiceNow®”

Thunderbolt Cable Assembly and Glass Display Replacement

Apply 27″ Cinema LED Display Monitor Some of the Apple displays at my internship have some glass screen damage as we well as frayed thunderbolt cables. We decided to go ahead and repair them. With a pair of heavy duty screen removal suction cup tools, the front glass pops right off revealing a group ofContinue reading “Thunderbolt Cable Assembly and Glass Display Replacement”

Kali Linux on a MacbookPro

I turned my 17″ 2010 MacbookPro into a Linux Machine I was able to configure my 17″ MacbookPro to run Kali Linux as its main operating system. The process required creating a bootable USB with the installation file on a 20GB flash stick. I used the disk duplication (dd) on the Mac OS terminal toContinue reading “Kali Linux on a MacbookPro”

Samsung S7 Edge Display Assembly and Battery Replacement

Samsung S7 Edge Display Assembly and Battery Replacement DocumentationTools and assembly kits were ordered from iFixit. I had followed instruction from the guides for the battery replacement as well as the display assembly replacement from iFixit. This is a great website for anyone who wants to do their own repairs. Tools: Phillips #00 Screwdriver, suctionContinue reading “Samsung S7 Edge Display Assembly and Battery Replacement”

Password Awareness

Best practices you should be aware of Oh… the dreaded password. How many of us are guilty of reusing the same passwords? Often times for many months, or years ranging over multiple accounts. So what’s the big deal? Recently, the mobile gaming giant Zynga, and the Hilton family of hotels both had a major dataContinue reading “Password Awareness”