Learning Python 3

Using Atom to write the script and outputting to with Windows Powershell

I have no programming experience except for the Linux scripts we’ve written in class labs. So starting this was a bit scary. I remember trying to learn HTML back in the early 2000’s and I was struggling with creating tables. Here we are about 20 years later. A Reddit user highly suggested using Zed Shaw’s, “Learning Python 3 the Hard Way”, along with a few other sources.

A sub-head reads, “A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code”. I really like the way the author addresses what you need to learn. I’ve setup atom text editor on Ubuntu, Kali, Mac OS, and Windows 10. So far it has been a good learning experience following the first sections meanwhile supplementing Codecademy’s Python class.

I want to make sure I understand everything before diving into a new section. A couple of classmates and I are thinking to go ahead and knock-out the LPI Linux Essentials certification. This particular certification does not have a expiration date, so why not? At least we can show that we do know the essentials. I’ve also been making time to do the CySA+ labs. Jason Dion’s labs has Cisco firewall IOS configurations. It is pretty much Network+ all over again with setting up routes, interface configurations, and creating ACLs for internal host. It won’t hurt to be familiar I suppose.

Published by Duy Yin

A dependable technical professional and apt cybersecurity specialist with excellent analytical & problem-solving skills. Emphasis on IT security principles; confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Highly motivated to help people with excellent customer service. Capable of working under pressure, a team player, a fast learner and driven to learn new technologies.

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