Cyber Obscurity

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND cybersecurity, with A touch of creativity.


A future with ServiceNow®

On Monday afternoon, I passed my self-proctored ServiceNow Certification for their System Administrator. Sixty questions later with about 40 minutes left to spare. I want to thank the people who help made this possible. I was in a five week training program under the TechHire/NextGen Professionals program to learn about the ServiceNow platform to beContinue reading “A future with ServiceNow®”

Learning Python 3

I have no programming experience except for the Linux scripts we’ve written in class labs. So starting this was a bit scary. I remember trying to learn HTML back in the early 2000’s and I was struggling with creating tables. Here we are about 20 years later. A Reddit user highly suggested using Zed Shaw’s,Continue reading “Learning Python 3”

Kali Linux on a MacbookPro

I turned my 17″ 2010 MacbookPro into a Linux Machine I was able to configure my 17″ MacbookPro to run Kali Linux as its main operating system. The process required creating a bootable USB with the installation file on a 20GB flash stick. I used the disk duplication (dd) on the Mac OS terminal toContinue reading “Kali Linux on a MacbookPro”

I Failed My CySA+ Exam

This is a very hard exam I had been studying for the CySA+ certification exam since October 2019. Along with studying at home, I had also been taking the CySA+ class at the San Diego Continuing Education North City Campus. On Friday, January 17th, I took the exam and used almost the entire 165 minutes.Continue reading “I Failed My CySA+ Exam”

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